Code of Practice

I am commited to acting from a place of highest integrity when working with my clients. I will always have my client’s best interest at heart and treat them with care and respect.

I offer my readings in good faith, and am not responsible for how clients may choose to respond to them. I ask my clients to acknowledge and respect their own freewill and autonomy.

I will NEVER tell my clients what they “should” do: I seek to assist them in discovering and exploring the options before them, broadening perspectives with an understanding of where they are now, how they may have got there, and offering potential paths forward.

I request that clients seek a reading from a place of relative calm and clarity: feeling nervous and worried is fine but I will NOT conduct a reading with someone who, at the time of the reading, is experiencing considerable mental or emotional distress.

If a potential client is currently working with a therapist, I ask that they consult with them first, as to the suitability of their receiving a reading from me at this time.

I will not knowingly conduct a reading for anyone under 18 unless parental permission is given. Under 16s must be accompanied by a parent / legal guardian.

I will not conduct readings for anyone under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering or illegal drugs. If a reading is in progress and I come to suspect that my client is under the influence, I will end the session at once, offering a full refund if there has been a financial exchange.

I do not make predictions. I have NO dealings with frightening premonitions, curses, etc.

I am NOT a medical or legal professional or financial advisor: I do NOT diagnose, nor do I give medical, legal or financial advice.

I am committed to the ongoing development of my spiritual practice and my intuitive and other skills.