Hello! My name is Kate and I am a thoughtful and intuitive pattern seeker working with oracle cards, the creative arts, and ritual to offer insight and practical spiritual support to those on a path of self-enquiry or in the midst of personal change.

Often finding myself perplexed by ordinary reality, I have a long-practised skill of seeking and discerning patterns, in order to discover what’s going on beneath the surface and to find connections between apparently unrelated things. This provides reassurance, a sense of bringing order out of chaos, and feels like finding a trail of breadcrumbs where there is no obvious path. There is also simply the deep pleasure of appreciating beauty and harmony wherever they are to be found. For me, working with oracle cards and connecting to ritual/rhythmic time (through celebrating the Wheel of the Year, for instance) is deeply supportive of this.

Since childhood I’ve been aware that the physical world is only half of reality, and that the Otherworld, the world of Spirit, exists alongside, within and upholding what we usually think of as “the real world”.

As a mystically-inclined nature-lover and adorer of books, my natural habitat is deciduous woodland, the seashore, library and bookshop: I am at home in quiet human spaces, and places where there is something other than human noise to hear.

I am committed to an ongoing practice of perceiving and honouring the divine in all things.

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